Death Bang Sexy

Brian’s audiobook Death Bang Sexy was first published by Audible in 2006. A screenplay based on the book has since been selected for 4 screenwriting competitions at film festivals – notably at the British Independent Film Festival 2019. It has been a festival semi-finalist twice and a finalist on one occasion.

Here’s a short synopsis of Death Bang Sexy:

Who killed Rubber Janice? When Reggie Salvadore is hired to bust an apparently innocent man out of jail, it sets off a violent and bloody chain of events. Death Bang Sexy is a comedy thriller, jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns, set in the crude and seedy Wild West that was north London in 1978. Punks, gangsters, and corrupt ex-cops are the colourful cast for this hilarious yet oddly disturbing tale.

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All You Need is Luff – by Brian Luff

Have you ever heard of the White-Bellied Go-Away Bird? Or a mythical creature that’s half horse and half fish? No? Then you definitely need this book. Brian Luff presents twenty-four alternative uses for a poet, nipple clamps, anglepoise lamps and a heart-wrenching urban anthem called “You can’t be Bruce Springsteen if you live in Turnpike Lane.” Enjoy.

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Cat Not Here

Brian wants to win the Turner Prize, and he’s just had the greatest idea of his life. This new short film from the studios of Sowerby & Luff in London is an official selection for the Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards and the ICONA Animation Festival 2019.

“Incredibly touching, original, heart-felt.
The animation is superb, the story completely engrossing!”

The Milton Milton Show

Brian Luff’s “Milton Milton Show” is a brand new short-form, animated comedy series produced for mobile syndication platforms. The show is hosted by Milton Milton – a foul-mouthed TV celebrity with the world’s most annoying voice and personality. Milton is aided by a reluctant cast of animals, robots and aliens who he bullies into helping him produce his infamous late night chat show. To watch the first 3 episodes go to

Kivi (2019)

During a visit to the seaside, a small boy discovers that if you try hard enough you just might achieve the impossible. A short animated film by Brian Luff. Written and produced by Georgina Sowerby and Brian Luff. A Fit2Fill production. Duration: 08:00. Colour. 16:9. 1920 x 1080. Digital Animation.

Hoki (2018)

Official Selection, InShort Film Festival 2018, Finalist, Las Vegas Global Film Fest 2019, Official Selection Beer Town Film Festival 2019, ICONA Film Festival 2019, 17th International Low & No-Budget Film Festival 2020, Special Mention, London-Worldwide Comedy Film Festival 2019.

When Hoki falls in love with a young bush baby at the zoo, she becomes obsessed with returning the animal to its family’s homeland Africa. Hoki’s obsession takes her on an epic journey, but the best laid plans don’t always work out. From the creators of award-winning short animation Aristaeus comes a dark new film that will both make you laugh and chill your spirit. A Brian Luff film. Written by Georgina Sowerby, Cameron JL West & Brian Luff. Associate Producer Cameron JL West. Produced by Sowerby & Luff. A Fit2Fill Production. Duration: 10:55. Colour. 16:9