Hogg Hall

“We really enjoyed our visit to Hogg Hall, and look forward to talking with our therapist about what we heard.”

Brian Luff’s Hogg Hall is an epic novel in the form of an audio podcast.  Listen to all 10 episodes now on Apple Podcasts

The story opens with the weirdest funeral you’ve ever attended, then stretches over a period of two and a half centuries, painstakingly describing the history of the hapless and corrupt Hogg-Marchmont family, from the middle of the 18th century to the present day. Bizarre fishing trips, hair-raising shooting parties and chaotic wine tastings – Luff’s surreal tale focuses relentlessly on the inebriation, selfishness and sheer gothic stupidity of the English nobility.

The star of Hogg Hall is undoubtedly the house itself – its rambling, crumbling halls, corridors, and grounds brought to life in the most intimate and whimsical detail. No statue, fountain, clock or chandelier is overlooked and it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the building is fictional.

The world of Hogg Hall is neither idyllic nor objective but intensely dark and cruel. Vanity and folly are omnipresent, ineptitude and drunkenness are celebrated and no useful lessons are learnt by anyone more about Hogg Hall

Hogg Hall is also available as a paperback book