Space Planet (2020)

Award-winner Prague International Film Festival 2020. Finalist, New Cinema – Lisbon Film Festival 2020. From the creators of award-winning Monday Tuesday Banana comes Space Planet – an action-packed, short-form comedy series – produced by Sowerby & Luff at Studio Senseless in London. The show features a foul-mouthed crew of colourful aliens who steal a starship from Earth and use it to sell carpets around the universe. Yes, you did hear that right. You can watch a compilation of episodes 1 and 2 right now in this exclusive video – specially packaged for the film festival circuit. The rest of the series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Space Planet is directed by Brian Luff, who also co-writes it with Georgina Sowerby. He and Georgina also supply the voices for some of the characters. Sowerby & Luff’s short-form animated comedy shows are distributed by Twisted Mirror TV in London and NovoComedy in Paris.

The Milton Milton Show

Brian Luff’s “Milton Milton Show” is a brand new short-form, animated comedy series produced for mobile syndication platforms. The show is hosted by Milton Milton – a foul-mouthed TV celebrity with the world’s most annoying voice and personality. Milton is aided by a reluctant cast of animals, robots and aliens who he bullies into helping him produce his infamous late night chat show. To watch the first 3 episodes go to