The Ghostly, Frozen Chicken of Highgate Hill (2015)


Written, directed and animated by Brian Luff.

Semi-finalist: International Open Film Festival (IOFF) 2016
Selected: Portsmouth International Film Festival 2016, Move Me Film Festival 2016, Broken Knuckle Film Festival 2016, TMFF Film Festival 2015,

Told in verse, this is the true story of the Ghostly, Frozen Chicken of Highgate Hill, which still haunts Pond Square to this very day. Go here to watch the trailer

Enjoy the animated short film and then order the book from Amazon


A Moment in Time (2015)

A short film by Brian Luff.

Finalist: Grand IndieWise Convention, Florida 2016
Selected: The Quarantine Film Festival, Bulgaria 2016

Driving across a seemingly endless desert a man suddenly encounters a crossroads at which he is halted by a sinister traffic light. Just how long will he have to wait there?