Luff, the universe & everything

Out today. A compilation of over 200 poems, both funny and serious, by scriptwriter and film maker Brian Luff. Price: £14.99.

“There are hippies at the bottom of my garden.
They rocked up late last year.
They’re smoking marijuana.
They have a pet iguana.”

Luff’s poems explore the known universe in a strange and vaguely
unsettling way and will take you on a hair-raising journey from the
fourth moon of Jupiter to Genghis Khan’s potting shed.

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All You Need is Luff – by Brian Luff

Have you ever heard of the White-Bellied Go-Away Bird? Or a mythical creature that’s half horse and half fish? No? Then you definitely need this book. Brian Luff presents twenty-four alternative uses for a poet, nipple clamps, anglepoise lamps and a heart-wrenching urban anthem called “You can’t be Bruce Springsteen if you live in Turnpike Lane.” Enjoy.

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Endless Luff – by Brian Luff

From mole hills to baskets of eggs, from Lucifer to Genghis Khan, this latest slim volume of poetry from Brian Luff will take you to the very edge of the universe and beyond. If you like mythical beasts and launderettes, meteorites and Cheshire cats, be sure to read this book before the arrival of the apocalypse. 90 pages. Paperback.

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Tainted Luff – by Brian Luff

From alien abduction to seeing an archangel in Lidl, from problems parking in London to troublesome shooting stars. This slim volume of verse by Brian Luff will leave you wondering if it is possible to use a poem to boil an egg and whether poets really are only as good as the type of hats they wear. 90 pages. Paperback.

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Luff on the Rocks – by Brian Luff

Brian Luff’s collection of poems, both humorous and serious, about life in London and life in general. From a romantic Ode to the North Circular Road, to a cautionary tale about recklessly driven baby buggies. From loss of innocence, to a hapless rant about the problems of having a racehorse living in the flat upstairs. If speed bumps are slowly destroying your car and you’ve just had your smartphone nicked by a kid on a moped, there’s probably something for you in this odd little book. 70 pages. Paperback.

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